Baraton@40:The Story of a Great University

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Baraton was the most unlikely place for many. Bucolic, solitary and seemingly detached from the world, it did not fit the usual description of a university. It was even more difficult for those who first arrived to find a disconsolate existence of old dispersed buildings, nothing that suggested even remotely, that it would be a university. But it would only take you a day or so before you found a genial or even a comfortable existence though not always a simple or even easy one in the face of a coterie of rules and regulations (both formal and informal) that you were bidden to observe. But if you overcame the early shocks, you were certain to encounter the persistent engagements - mental, physical, spiritual or otherwise - which made Baraton the ultimate battleground of wills and wits. Attitudes were attenuated, positions were prostrated, something gave way. You never remained the same.
Rising from humble beginnings in March 1930, the institution that would eventually become the University of Eastern Africa- Baraton, conducted scientific research on bovine genetics and did some training - but they would give that up in 1978 and allowed the Adventists to take over. They did not leave much behind but soon major developments would begin. Into the gates at Baraton entered thousands of doe-eyed young people from all over the world. They would soak up every inch of experience that the University and its environs had to offer, and shaped their future in the process.
This book presents you with a brief but an unobscured view of the administrations that ran Baraton, their character, the people who led, and those they led and how they engaged each other. It is a brief journey into time but in essence it brings us to the moment of rebirth - for it was Lincoln who told us that life began at forty. This is it!